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Trophy Buck Lure

Trophy Buck Lure is 100% natural rutting buck urine collected from dominant bucks and reinforced with tarsal gland and interdigital gland secretions. The rutting odor of a buck induces a territorial challenge to another buck and provokes him to seek out the foreign buck. Excellent product to use when rattling or grunting. Tink's Trophy Buck Lure works as a curiosity lure in early season when bucks often travel in bachelor groups.

• Easy to use Squirt Top
• Ultimate All Season deer lure
• Induces territorial challenge
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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

Great product. Bought this the other day, went straight to my hunting spot, made 4 mock scraps that evening. Set my cam up on one of them, 8 hours later had a spike horn sniffing at it for a while, now to give it , a week and , see what I get..excited

Killed two of the biggest deer I have ever killed useing this during the rut I will use this and tinks #69 one scent bomb with one wall a little further and put the next one that's opposite of the first. Seems like it makes the bucks more competitive if if seems like a buck is chasing a doe

this stuff really works i went out yesterday it was sprinkling rain outside i put some of this in a scent bomb sat there in my stand for about an hour i look to my left and i see a 13 point with his hair up on end and smelling the air

This stuff works
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