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Item # W6110

Smoke Stack

• Designed to be used with Tink's Smokin' Sticks™
• Increases the burn time of the sticks
• Use in windy conditions
• Collapsible For easy transportation
• Weighs only 2 oz.
• Durable plastic construction
• Smokin Sticks not included
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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

I use this with the smoke smoke sticks. It folds flat very stiffly so I fold and unfold many times before it is able to stay flat. I then put it in a 2.5 gallon zip lock baggy. I think Tinks should include one with the smoke stack. Next issue is windy days or even surfaces in the woods. It is tippy so I made two 6 inch long metal push rods out of a metal coat hanger. I curled one end and that allow it to grab the smoke stack when I push the metal rods thru the small holes next to the bottom. These rods are pushed into the soft earth on each side and hold the stack[ straight in the wind. WIth push rods and a large baggie to hold the sticks and stack I would have given it a higher rating.
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