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Power Scrape® Starter

Tink’s Power Scrape® is a powerful synthetic buck lure designed for the entire season. Power Scrape® can be used on natural or mock scrapes to condition deer to frequently return to your stand location. This revolutionary formula is designed to capitalize on a buck’s curiosity in the early season and their drive for territorial dominance during the breeding season

  • A powerful synthetic buck lure designed to be used during the entire season
  • One to two weeks prior to the season opening, create 2-3 mock scrapes at your hunting stand locations
  • Apply Power Scrape directly on the scrape and the ground around the scrape, at least once a week
  • Throughout the rest of the season, reapply with each hunt
  • Power Scrape is reactivated by moisture
  • 16 oz Spray Bottle
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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

2 years in a row i had does come right up to it sniffing and licking the tree i sprayed

I wish this website would let me give it more stars than 5. Let me just say that I used this in an existing scrape in front of my stand and made a mock scrape and you would not believe the results 3 days later. The buck has pawed the ground down to the roots and I had 4 new rubs in the area. This has produced better results then anything I have ever tried and you can bet I will be using it from now on!!!!

used code blue for years only to have small bucks on camera after using this product for a week i was seeing 125 plus class bucks not only on camera but also during daylight hunting hours

Right now I would rate it 5++ Applied the scrape drip at two locations in mid August. One site was an existing scrap site from previous years, the other location was a new mock scrape that I made, near my stand. I checked the scrapes a few weeks later and could see that there had been activity. I re-loaded the drips, and placed a camera on the natural scrape site. I checked the camera in early September, and was pleased to find that no less than 5 mature bucks had visited the site! One was visiting in broad daylight, two of the others were at dusk. The bucks would attempt to find the source of the scent, they would raise their head up into the branches, sniffing it out. One buck lingered around for number of minutes, turning in circles, as if to say, "where are you? I hope this stuff works half this good during the season! Thanks, ps: I have tried mock scrape drips with "natural" deer lure / urine for years - I never have gotten a picture of a buck after spoiling the site with the "natural" scents.
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