Power Scrape® Combo Value Pack

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Power Scrape® Combo Value Pack W5945
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Tink’s Power Scrape® with 2 Scrape Bomb® is a powerful synthetic buck lure designed for the entire season. Power Scrape® can be used on natural or mock scrapes to condition deer to frequently return to your stand location. This revolutionary formula is designed to capitalize on a buck’s curiosity in the early season and their drive for territorial dominance during the breeding season

• A great size for fanny pack
• Use on natural or mock scrapes
• Conditions bucks to revisit scrapes
• Formulated to smell like an invader buck
• 4 oz

Scrape Bomb® works with the changes in temperature and barometric pressure causing it to drip only during the daylight hours.

• Lasts 4-5 days efficiently dripping the right amount
• Set multiple mock scrapes economically!
• Drips during the day. Not at night

Make sure the dripper cap is on tight

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