Power Scrape® All Season Kit w/ Scrape Bomb®

Item # W5226

Power Scrape All Season Kit w/ Scrape Bomb W5226
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  • Includes Power Scrape® Starter, a Scrape Bomb®, and the New Power Scrape® Finisher
  • Patterns bucks to return to scrape
  • Use in natural or mock scrapes
  • All-In-One convenient dispersal system

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by Anonymous on October 27, 2016

I love this stuff. I made a mock scrape next to my stand and have been using the Power Scrape Starter and I've been having a young buck constantly returning to smell and clean it out. Doe are returning to the mock scrape as well which is a good thing because they're leaving behind their natural scents.

by Anonymous on October 10, 2016

Love this product .!!!! Its early October here in Indiana and the deer are plentiful in my hunting area ! (Sorry folks...private property !) Lost a set up last year as I'm guessing a LARGE buck destroyed the sapling it was hanging from ! Evidence all over the ground ...bottle destroyed..sapling torn out of the ground ! And tons of Fresh...very large buck print all over the ground ! Love your products ...and will not hunt without them !!! Tinks user for life !!!!

by Anonymous on September 3, 2016

Need to create some videos to give directions to use the product lines. Very important to demonstrate the products used for old and new hunter's. Would be happy to create more videos for the product lines. Send samples and will create videos to improve the quality hunting experience.

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