Natural Attraction Deer Lure

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Natural Attraction Deer Lure W5915 (21052-2)
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• Simulates a new food source in the area
• Curiosity scent that attracts both buck and doe
• Use it at scrapes, on Super Draggers or in Tink’s Scent Bombs
• Effective all season including the late season
• 1 oz Bottle

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by Anonymous on November 24, 2016

I purchased a bottle of natural attraction about 8 years ago. First day of hunting I put it on a few cotton balls and hung it in a circle around my stand. It brought in the biggest 10 pointer I've ever shot! This buck was coming in to and locked onto this lure! It's worth every penny. I have to order it online because it can be hard to find at times. Trust me this stuff really works. Happy hunting!

by Anonymous on October 26, 2016

Best scent ever

by Anonymous on October 19, 2014

About 4 years ago I got a bottle for Christmas. I put it in my hunting gear and forgot about it, the next year while going through my gear getting ready for the up coming season I decided to give it a try. Opening day I squirted some on the ground about 5 yards from my stand and put some on a cotton ball hanging from a tree. It brought a 10 point buck right to me! That buck moved with purpose. This product works like a champ!

by Anonymous on October 7, 2013

The stuff works great.Brought 3 diffrent bucks in within two hours took a 7 pointer. i had hunted the same spot 3 times without it with no luck.

by Anonymous on September 14, 2013

brought big 8 pointer in had it hanging off my stand just hard to find great stuff

by Anonymous on November 27, 2012

This actually worked awesome for me the one day I used it. I don't usually use attractants and I forgot I had it in my fanny pack. I was bowhunting one day and up in my climber. I used the whole bottle and squirted it about 5' away down onto a sapling canopy below me. To me it smelled like black licorice. About an hour after day break a small 6 point buck came in and directly to that sapling and started licking the leaves. I got a 20 minute video of this little buck hanging around me. Fortunately for him, he wasn't on my list that day.

by Anonymous on October 7, 2012

1 star because I could not give it ZERO.... this stuff does not do what it says it will do. It didn't seem to attract anything while using it two days straight.

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