Hot Shot® Trophy Buck Mist

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Hot Shot® Trophy Buck Mist
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Internal Bag separates the urine from the pressurizing agent so there is no contamination. System allows the entire product to be dispensed. Sprays longer than traditional spray cans. Trophy Buck Lure is 100% natural rutting buck urine collected from dominant bucks and reinforced with tarsal gland and interdigital gland secretions. The rutting odor of a buck induces a territorial challenge to another buck and provokes him to seek out the foreign buck. Tink's Trophy Buck Lure works as a curiosity lure in early season when bucks often travel in bachelor groups.

  • Only 100% Pure Urine is dispensed
  • Quieter spray won’t spook deer
  • Consistent spray without “spitting”
  • Sprays at any angle, even upside down
  • Powerful fine mist for long range attraction
  • Contains 3oz. of Tink’s Trophy Buck Lure

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by Anonymous on November 1, 2015

Used it on the ground around my new decoy and stuck a nice mature 11 point within 30 minutes. This stuff works great at luring in big bucks during pre-rut. I am sold and won't be caught during late October or Early November in Iowa without it!

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