Coyote Mist Predator Lure

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Tink's Coyote Mist Predator Lure W6280
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  • Helps to lure in call shy coyotes
  • Stops predators, providing a better shot
  • Spray top provides mist to drift downwind and sticks to vegetation
  • Tink's uses only the best grade of natural urine
  • 4 oz. bottle

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by Anonymous on October 10, 2016

I use this when coyotes are skittish and call draws them in least enough for me to get them to investigate ...I then use my distressed rabbit call to seal the deal...and their fate !

by Anonymous on August 9, 2016

My vet recommended the Coyote Urine. What a great product. Neighbor has 13 cats. They have been using our flower gardens as a toilet. Some of the cats get into our trees and just drive our dogs crazy. I sprayed some of the Coyote urine on the bark of the trees, and on some of the plants in out flower bed, and the cats have stayed away from our yard. This product is GREAT!!!

by Anonymous on December 24, 2015

I had a huge problem with poachers hunting where they shouldn't be last year. I got some of this and sprayed it around the property to bring the coyotes in and run the deer off. Well, it worked. I had 3 packs of coyotes fighting it out for territory for 3 weeks until it rained. The jerks must have had a horrible season because I never heard another shot by my house until yesterday. I'm desperate to find more. I'd buy it by the gallon if I could. I'm not excited about coyotes coming in by my house but I'd take that over illegal hunting where they shoot towards me while outside. Heck the game warden wont even catch em. The shooting at all hours has to stop. I hate deer season.

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