Blacktail Doe-In-Rut® Lure & Scent Bomb®

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Hot Shot® Blacktail Doe-In-Rut Mist & Scent Bomb® VALUE PACK W5342
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For you Blacktail deer hunters out there Tink’s now has 100% (real) Blacktail doe estrous urine. This is not whitetail or mule deer urine. Tink’s Blacktail Doe-In-Rut® is best used during the Blacktail Rut. Tink’s Scent Bomb® makes it easy for convenient scent dispersal and can be refreshed for your next hunt.

  • Contains 1oz of Tink’s Real Blacktail urine
  • Scent Bomb® included
  • All in one set up
  • Best used during the rut
  • Powerful formula for long range attraction

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by Anonymous on November 19, 2015

Used it last weekend and had two small bucks come with in 15 yards. Can't wait to use it this weekend in the casacades where the big bucks roam.

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