#69 Doe-In-Rut® Buck Lure (Plastic)

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#69 Doe-In-Rut® Buck Lure W6366 (48004-8)
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Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut® Buck Lure is 100% natural doe estrous urine collected from live whitetail does during their estrous cycle. Tink's quality controlled formula keeps Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut® Buck Lure at the peak level of performance. Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut® Buck Lure, the standard on which all deer lures are measured, produces great results during the pre-rut and rut. Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut® Buck Lure America's #1 Buck Lure for over 40 years!

  • Easy to use Squirt Top
  • Quality controlled formula
  • Formulated from 100% natural doe estrous urine & Tink's special ingredient that drives bucks wild
  • Use with drag rags, boot pads, Tink’s Scent Bombs®, or in scrapes

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on November 19, 2015

Put on napkin stuck on branch, buddy shot nice 8 pointer. The buck stopped there. Couldn't resist, it's works!!!

by Anonymous on November 6, 2015

oct 25th 2015 i took an 11pt, 220 ld buck off our property in otsego michigan, it has been green scored, (at this time its state record-womans crossbow, men & womans crossbow senior citizens category), and will be officially scored for the books at the end of december 2015. i used the spray can tinks #69, and have used the bottled product as well. my husband & i have since early 80s. thanks for the product, and dont stop making it. :0) we have taken many does, and bucks with this product thru our years of hunting.

by Anonymous on November 17, 2014

have killed two nice nice bucks with this lure

by Anonymous on November 8, 2014

Just brought some Tink69 going to test it tonight and see what happens. i like what i heard about it so far!!!!!

by Anonymous on October 31, 2014

Been using Tink's 69 since the early 70's. Nothing but good luck to report for years. This is my go to lure past and present. Great Stuff!!

by Anonymous on November 12, 2013

Bought a can of this just today.. Going to put it to the test tonight! Wish me luck :)

by Anonymous on January 6, 2013

what is there to say about tink 69 its bad to the bone i shot two beast this season same spot same please bye useing tink 69

by Anonymous on December 10, 2012

I shot my first deer ever this fall, after hunting hard for 2 years without success. I had a big buck come check my stand a week earlier while i was in the tree, but after he didn't smell any does he took off before i got a shot. I immediatly got a hold of this tinks 68 doe-in-rut and sure enough, he came in again, did the exact same thing as before, only this time he kept coming, looking for that hot doe. Stopped him and dropped him in his tracks. 211 pound canadian 8 point. This. Stuff. Works.

by Anonymous on December 3, 2012

Put 2 bottles of Tinks down in perimeter spots 40 yds out from my stand yesteday early. Within 90 min had a 3 yr buck come "Looking for love in all the wrong places..." - from his standpoint that is. He's pretty quiet about it all now, resting nicely in my freezer. Other hunting buddies nearby didn't see a thing. Use Tinks #69 - it works!

by Anonymous on December 3, 2012

Greatest product ever!

by Anonymous on November 14, 2012

Thanks for another good rut 2012 with Tinks 69 central Ga. For the past 4 seasons I have harvested my buck with his nose in a sent pad drenched in Tinks 69. I will not hunt the rut without it. Yes I have tried other scents in the past without success. Hunter don't forget there is more to it than just sent attractant #1 control your sent #2 location #3 Tinks 69 the 3 ingredients to a successful rut Good hunting my friend

by Anonymous on November 4, 2012

Just yesterday I killed a management Buck on a field in Clay county West Virginia when it had been shot at about 5 mins before I killed it. It ran into the field and was about to exit when it ran into the trail that I had pulled tinks 69 through then it made a b line right towards me and then stopped right were I hung the drag in the tree and that's when I made my shot

by Anonymous on October 12, 2012

I have used Tinks on and off for 25 years, every year I get more and more dissapointed I'm sure it will work on a deer farm, but I hunt true wild deer, not the ones that have been had acres of plot grown for them and had numerous non threating human contact, vehicles driving by snapping pictures of them like it was a Hollywood Photo Shoot. I'm hoping that maybe I'll get to at least lure one buck in my sights, of course its been so long, I probably have forgotten how to shoot. I'm going to give it one more try this season.

by Anonymous on July 2, 2012

Have on the wall a 10pt. Came with-in 40 yards with Tinks 69 doe in rut, in 2011. I will always have it in my bag!

by Anonymous on November 25, 2011

Recently in Braxton County West Virginia, I dumped a 9 point 16 1-2 inch 11-1-2 G,2's and it was during rut. Although I had not put out tinks this time . "happen so quick if ya know what I meen' the day's prior I had differnt stands I used it at and had a 6 point and 2 ten's at two different stands "bowhunting" follow my trail in. Great Stuff Cant Beat it . Use it or loose it brother. Ima have back straps on my grill. Because I'm American and thats what We Great Tyrants and Patriots DOO!!HOOAH. TINKS!!!

by Anonymous on November 25, 2011

I have used tinks # 69 doe in rut for 20 year and it works.

by Anonymous on November 23, 2011

The only scent I will use

by Anonymous on November 21, 2011

Why should I buy this off of you at 11.95 a bottle when I can go to Wal Mart and get it for 5.95 a bottle? DAAAAA!

by Anonymous on November 19, 2011

I have killed two big bucks using your product. It works unlike anything else during the rut. I have seen so many bucks from this product. I would use this during the rut if you get a chance.

by Anonymous on November 14, 2011

works well during the rut

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