#1 Doe-P® Deer Lure

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#1 Doe-P® Deer Lure W6249 (83150-5)
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  • Great all season lure
  • Easy to use Squirt Top
  • Distinctive smell makes deer curious
  • Simulates the smell of a new doe in an area
  • Attracts both buck and doe
  • Especially effective during bow and post-rut season
  • 100% doe urine
  • Works great with Tink’s Scent Bombs®
  • Available in 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz bottles
  • 1 oz bottle includes FREE Mini Bomb

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by Anonymous on March 18, 2016

Done lots of research with lots of products. Started out/buying and studying books.After sticking to just Advertised direactions.I finally wanted to try and see how deer did in off season.Spring_60° day. 7:15 am.I put a dripper out and started working a line. I made a J-hook, I took cover And Sprayed tinks Doe P. About every other 5 mins.I watched from were I was. I had a spike. And a young buck come in and the young buck was energetic. Trotting around.A doe also came in briefly. So yes. When I can afford to use Tinks. Like I want to either study or hunt. I use it .IT Does work.Cover up human smell. Spray or Use the bottles. TINKS WORKS

by Anonymous on October 22, 2015

Hung this in a mini bomb as I walked in. Doe walked by as I was going up in my climber, didn't seem to care even tho I was only about 30 yards away. 35 to 40 yrds away, there were four does that kept milling around as I was getting situated, making probably too much noise. This stuff has an awesome calming effect, and is a pretty good cover scent. Also put it in the mock scrape, seemed to peak their curiosity. Shot the 3rd deer from the same stand in 2 weeks!!

by Anonymous on November 12, 2012

Squirted some of this on my boots, walked about a quarter to my stand. 30 minutes later a young buck was hot on my trail. He was dead at 12 yards. GOOD STUFF!!!

by Anonymous on October 28, 2012

Sprinkled some of this on the ground around my stand and about thirty minutes later I was shooting my first deer.

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