Natural Feed and Deer Lures by Terry Rohm

12 September 2012

Well had to get out over the Labor Day holiday and do some walking and deer scouting. This is the time of year I like to look for the hot spot. This time of year deer travel can change dramatically. The reason being food! Right now here where I live in Georgia a few acorns and muscadine grapes are starting to fall. The key is to find the hot spot and where the deer are feeding and on what. These food sources will not last long but are great spots to put up a treestand.  These feeding areas and good places to use a lure like Tink’s #1 Doe P, the lure relaxes deer  and lets them know there has been other deer feeding in the area. Tink’s Trophy Buck also works great this time of year because bucks are traveling together.

Acorns and Muscadine Grapes

I always love to get out and walk and scout this time of year because you never know what you might find or see. On this piece of property I had heard of an old grave head stone on hidden oak ridge. Not knowing if it was true or just one of those campfire stories I always wondered if it was really here. I had seen some tops of huge white oaks from a ways off and walked down to see if any acorns were dropping. I was standing there looking around and all most right beside me was the head stone. I spent a lot of time there just thinking how did whoever end up here and why? There is a lot of writing on the stone but hard to make out. Not sure if they were a hunter but I will have a stand close by.


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