1 November 2011

Rut Time

Well it’s that time of year all whitetail hunters live for, the RUT. Why, because it’s a magical time of year when one of those monster bucks might screw up and do something stupid, like chasing a doe through the middle of a field in broad daylight, something he won’t do any other time of the year. The peak rut, or when most does come into estrus, can vary from state to state and changes from year to year. This makes great hunter chat, “when do you think the peak rut will hit because I want to take my vacation”!

Hunters ask how I can tell if the peak rut has hit. Here are a few things to look for.

  • You hear or see young fawns bleating for the mother, she has left them for a buck
  • Bucks crossing fields in daylight
  • More bucks hit on the highways
  • Scrapes are no longer being tended and leaves are in the scrape
  • Bucks are chasing does
  • Bucks with their nose to the ground grunting following the trail of a doe

When this peak hits it’s absolutely the very best time to break out the Tink’s #69 Buck Lure. These bucks are going crazy trying to find a doe to breed. Bucks will travel several miles out of their core area to find a doe. This is where a drag line or boot pad with #69 on it can pay big time walking to your stand. You lay a scent trail in hopes that one of those rut crazed bucks hits the trail and follows it to your stand. Hunters ask how do you hunt a rutting buck in the peak of the rut. A strategy I like to use is, don’t hunt the buck hunt the family groups of does. Meaning if you find the does the buck will show up there. A doe will raise her fawns in the same area from year to year. Those big bucks remember those areas and you must too. He will show up sooner or later. Food sources like food plots and agricultural fields of corn and beans attract does and her young. Bucks can circle downwind to scent check the area or visually check the area for does.

The peak rut is the perfect time for a hunter to stay on stand all day. It’s also a perfect time to use the Tink’s #69 Buck Bomb. I will put out my Scent Bombs in the morning but thought-out the day I will freshen up the area with fresh lure from my #69 Buck Bomb. This allows scent to float a long ways and stays in the area and hopefully a cruising buck will hit the lure and make that mistake.

Just pack a little lunch and stay all day and get some hang time as we like to call it because he could show up at any minute!

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