Mock Scrape Lures

Make Him Hunt You
Mock Scrape Lures
The Tink’s Power Scrape system was designed to capitalize on a buck’s curiosity during early season and his drive for dominance during the rut. When used with the Tink’s Scrape Bomb scrape dripper, Power Scrape is the perfect tool for creating, maintaining and hunting mock scrapes.
  1. Scrape Bomb only drips during daytime hours which conditions bucks to move during shooting light
  2. Effective from early season all the way through the rut
  3. Available in a variety of sizes and applications for every hunting scenario
Attract More Bucks

I created a mock scrape using Tink's Power Scrape in late summer and this buck immediately began using the scrape. During the first week of October a combination of cold front and the mock scrape had this buck on his feet early. After working my mock scrape he presented me with a perfect 25 yard shot.

- Tyler Rector - Bowhunt or Die
Mock Scrape Lures

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Condition Bucks to Move during Shooting Hours

Tink’s Scrape Bomb scrape dripper only drips scent during daylight hours. This helps condition bucks to hit your scrapes when it matters most; when you can hunt them.

Trigger His Need for Dominance

Creating a mock scrape in a buck’s core area will make him think another buck is infringing on his territory. Combined with lures such as Tink’s Trophy Buck along with rattling & grunting, a mock scrape is an effective method of luring a monster into shooting range.

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