Food Attractants

It’s Like Having a Food Plot in a Bottle
Food Attractants
If there’s one thing a deer has on its mind the majority of the year its food. Capitalize on a deer’s need to feed with our complete line of food scented attractants. From early season until the brutal cold of winter we have you covered.
  1. Available in a variety of scents to match your location and hunting conditions.
  2. Can be used all year long as both a cover scent as well as a curiosity lure.
  3. Can be applied to boots, foliage or sprayed into the air using the innovative Hot Shot® canister.
Attract More Deer

Few things are as important to whitetails as food. With Tink's food-scented attractants you can capitalize on a buck's desire to eat and lure him into shooting range before, during and after the rut.

- Clinton Fawcett - Bowhunt or Die
Food Attractans Trophy

Food Attractant Lineup
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The Need To Feed

Few things are as powerful in a deer’s life as their need to feed. Capitalize on this urge with our full line of food scented attractants. If they aren’t breedin’, they’re feedin’.

Can Be Used All Season

A deer’s need to feed doesn’t change during the season, but the type of foods available to them does. During early season use Sweet Weed and Persimmon then switch to Turnip Greens when the snow starts to fly.

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