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Deer Lures
Our #69 Doe-In-Rut® Buck Lure is a unique blend of 100% natural doe estrus urine along with our secret ingredient which bucks can’t resist. We also offer a variety of other deer scents that will help you be successful from early season through the brutal cold of winter.
  1. Deer lures are an effective method of drawing deer within shooting range
  2. Use different lures at different times to take advantage of a whitetail’s changing habits & curiosity
  3. Available in a variety of sizes and applications for every deer hunting scenario
Attract More Bucks

Whether you're looking for a deer lure to use during early season, the peak or the rut or late season, Tink's has you covered.

- Paul Morrison - Bowhunt or Die
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Attract Deer to Your Location

Using scents and lures to pull deer into your location is nothing new. The key to this hunting technique is using the right lure at the right time. Tink’s offers a full line of deer lures that can be used all season in a variety of conditions.

Cover Your Tracks

Entering the whitetail woods without being detected in a key ingredient for a successful hunt. Tink’s deer lures not only help you attract bucks within range but they also cover your human scent which helps you remain undetected.

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