Hot Shot®

No Mess. No Contamination. No Problem.
Hot Shot<sup>®</sup>
The exclusive bag-in-can system used in the Tink’s Hot Shot® keeps the pressurizing agent separate from the lure. This means no contamination, just 100% pure attraction. Easy to transport, easy to use and backed by Tink’s legendary reputation as the #1 brand of deer lures and attractants.
  1. Quiet spray won’t spook game and can be sprayed at any angle – even upside down.
  2. Powerful mist allows scent to be dispersed easily for long range attraction.
  3. Only 100% pure lure is dispersed. No contamination for aerosols or other pressurizing agents.
Attract More Bucks

Tink's Hot Shot system makes it extremely easy to transport and use deer lures and attractants which helps me be more successful year in and year out.

- Dean Krueger - Bowhunt or Die
Hot Shot<sup>®</sup>

Hot Shot® Lineup

Power the Aggression

A mature buck can smell trouble at up to 400 yards away. Why take a chance with other lures that contain aerosols which can contaminate your hunt? TInk’s Hot Shot® is 100% pure scent, 100% of the time.

The Ultimate in Versatility

Forget the mess of spilled lures or cans that won’t spray at anything less than the perfect angle. Tink’s Hot Shot® will spray at any angle – even upside down – and won’t make a mess when you use it. Whether applying to your boots, a drag rag or scrape, the Hot Shot® super fine mist applies evenly every time.

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