Tips for Scent Free Hunting

1 October 2013

It’s a good thing that big game can’t smell anxiety or excitement otherwise many hunters would be busted.  As a big game bow hunter the odds are pretty steep for success. After all, there is a lot that goes into harvesting mature animals with archery gear. Getting up close and personal with animals that God designed with amazing senses isn’t easy. Bow hunters must fool their sense of hearing, sight, and most importantly, their ability to smell danger.

Some biologists suggest that a whitetail’s sense of smell is 1000 times better than a human’s.  In fact, whitetails have 297 million olfactory receptors to help detect smells whereas a human has 5 only million.   With this knowledge in hand it is wise to start thinking very seriously about scent control.


white-tail-buckThe whitetail deer relies on its keen sense of smell to avoid danger, which is why scent control is of the utmost importance to deer hunters.

First, it’s important to remember that the exterior of all clothing holds scent; regardless of the brand or price tag. This is why scent elimination products are vitally important to your hunting success.  Scent control can be the difference between meat in the freezer & bone on your wall, or another disappointing season. With the vast amount of products on the market it can be an overwhelming choice when standing in the “scent control” aisle trying to decide which one is the most effective.

If you want proven and tested scent control products then look for Tink’s B-Tech.   Tink’s B-Tech Scent Elimination spray is scientifically proven to fight bacteria that causes human odor.  You may be skeptic… but when you understand the science behind Tink’s B-Tech products, you’ll be a believer in the product, and more importantly improve your odds of a successful hunt. 

According to Dr. Benjamin Tanner from Antimicrobial Test Laboratories (ATL), scent control ultimately comes down to two things:  First, control existing orders such as pheromones and chemicals (the odors already present on your body and clothing).  Second, prevent germ-based odors caused by the growth of micro-organisms.  These micro-organisms produce gases and waste products which result in odors.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, we all need scent control.  What does this mean for you?  When using Tink’s B-Tech in the field not only will you kill existing odors but you will prevent the growth of future odor causing bacteria as well.  

Tinks’s B-Tech was tested in an independent test at ATL which is an FDA registered and EPA compliant independent testing facility located in Round Rock, TX.  Tink’s B-Tech was put up against S-epidermidis, one of the most common bacteria found on human skin.  The first test revealed that Tink’s B-Tech killed 99.9997% of the odor causing bacteria after only one minute.  This means that for every 1,000,000 germs killed 1 germ remained. 

 testByotrol technology, used in Tink’s B-Tech products, has been proven extremely effective at preventing the growth of bacteria which causes human odor.

The second test performed compared Tink’s B-Tech to homemade Baking Soda & Peroxide, Enzyme Technology, Silver Technology, and another leading brands of scent control.  While three of the five products tested didn’t perform, or had disappointing results, Tink’s B-Tech was the best product tested in preventing the growth of the very bacteria responsible for human odor.

Now that we’ve established the effectiveness of the B-Tech products, we need to figure out which is best for your application. Tink’s offers an array of products in the B-Tech line-up to meet the needs of every hunter.  First is the 3x Concentrated Laundry Detergent.  One 24oz bottle will wash up to 48 loads and provides the basis for eliminating odors from the garments you’ll be wearing into the field.  B-Tech laundry detergent removes odors, protects against UV glow, is safe for carbon, and fights staining.  Use only 1oz for top loading washing machines or 1/2oz. for front-loading washers with either hot or cold water.  Wash your clothes, air dry, and then for best results place your clothing in a Tink’s carbon storage sack.


b-tech-laundryWashing all of your hunting apparel, both undergarments as well as outerwear, in B-Tech laundry detergent will help you remain scent free on your next hunt.

B-Tech is also available in a Hair and Body Wash.  The Hair and Body Wash is best used during a shower before you hunt.  The Hair and Body Wash targets bacterial odors that instinctively alert whitetail and other wild game while leaving a microscopic polymer barrier on your skin that inhibits new odors and provides all day protection.  For best results it is recommended to use B-Tech Hair & Body wash every day during the hunting season.  This will prevent perfumes and odors from traditional body washes from permeating your skin and alerting game to your presence.

Once your hunting clothes are washed using the Tink’s B-Tech Laundry Detergent and you’ve washed using the Hair and Body Wash you’re ready for the next step.  You’ll want to spray your clothing down using Tink’s B-Tech Odor Eliminator.  This product is available in a 14 oz continuous spray (similar to a can of sunscreen) or a 16 oz traditional pump spray.  Another option is the 16oz pump spray that contains the same odor fighting technology with the added protection of Earth Cover Scent.  Whatever bottle you choose application is the same. 

Cover yourself in this product head to toe to ensure a full day of scientifically proven odor control. This product should be used anytime controlling human scent is a concern.  Use when checking trail cameras, setting up tree stands etc. Don’t forget to spray down other items including your backpack, bow, gun, or other items you plan on bringing into the woods. You certainly don’t want to take the chance that the game you are hunting patterns you because you’re leaving your human scent behind.


b-tech-sprayIn the event you have a long walk or hike to your hunting location don’t forget to keep a bottle of B-Tech in your pack to spray down once you arrive.  When it comes to scent control you can never be too careful.

In the event you have a long walk or hike to your hunting location don’t forget to keep a bottle of B-Tech in your pack to spray down once you arrive.  When it comes to scent control you can never be too careful.


To purchase B-Tech products online click here or visit your nearest Tink’s retailer.

productsTink’s B-Tech is available in a variety of products to best fit your needs and hunting situations.

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