3 July 2012

First of all, we are celebrating Tink’s 40th Anniversary as America’s #1 Buck lure. To celebrate this, we have brought back Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure in its original glass bottle and poly seal cap. The bottle that started it all!   We   are offering this in a special 40th anniversary package.

 #69 Anniversary Glass Bottle

To follow up on our highly successful line up of Power Scrape synthetic all season deer lure, we’ve added the Power Scrape Gel. The same formula that helps you to pattern bucks but in a gel form that lasts in the rain and wind. Start to pattern your bucks in August making mock scrapes and using trail cameras.

 Power Scrape Gel

 Tink’s B-Tech odor eliminator ranked #1 against the other leading brands by an independent test lab in removing human odors that instinctively spook deer.  Reducing human odor is key when hunting those monster bucks or big game.

 B-Tech Product Group

New this year are Tink’s Cow Elk Estrous Smokin’ Sticks. Designed to smell like a cow elk in estrous, the scent drifts downwind and clings to everything it come into contact with.

 Elk Smokin' Stick

Another item in the smokin’ stick category, is our new Tink’s Bear Honey Bacon Smokin’ Sticks. It's a strong food odor that bears crave.

Honey Bacon Sticks

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