Keep Scrapes Fresh Economically With Tink’s Scrape Bomb™ Scrape Drippers

17 January 2011

Tink's Scrape Bomb™ Scrape DripperKeep your scrape fresh and active with Tink's battery-free Scrape Bomb™ Scrape Dripper. The Scrape Bomb works with the changes in temperature and barometric pressure, which cause it to drip only during the daylight hours. This scheduling conditions bucks to visit the scrape during the day making them easier to pattern and eventually harvest.

The Scrape Bomb lasts four to five days dropping just the right amount of buck lure so none goes to waste making it economical as well as effective. Use the Scrape Dripper over natural or mock scrapes to condition deer to frequently return to your stand location.

The Scrape Dripper is available in a Power Scrape combo or a two pack, so you can set up a number of mock scrapes at one time.

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