Create A Magnetic Attraction Bucks Can’t Resist With Tink’s Magnetics™

17 January 2011

Tink's Magnetics™ Buck AttractantOnce a buck gets a whiff of Tink's Magnetics™ Buck Attractant, there's nothing left for him to do but follow his nose. As its name suggests, Magnetics Buck Attractant works like a magnet attracting bucks to your hunting location. This synthetic blend, which contains compounds only a deer can smell, plays on a buck's weaknesses and triggers his thirst for dominance, drive to reproduce and curiosity. Natural blends do not have this effect. The Magnetics scent adheres to everything it contacts for long-lasting scent dispersal. The lure's powerful and unique formula will attract bucks throughout the entire hunting season.

The Magnetics Attractant comes in a 1 oz bottle or a 2 oz bottle with a squirt top. Use it with a Scent Bomb or Stretch Wick for best performance.

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